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As a college student, one might feel that there is a lot of competition out there, too many concepts to learn and very less time to enhance your skillset. HackerEarth wants to help you bridge this gap by starting off a journey of learning with you - The Campus 101.

As a hackathon enthusiast or as a job seeker, there are certain concepts that are essential in the tech world, especially when you are a college grad. Campus 101 is an effort to help college students like you gain knowledge and hone your skills in the following four pillars of the tech world:

  • Data Structures
  • Algorithms
  • Full-Stack
  • Machine Learning

Throughout this course of 2 months, you will set on a learning experience where we will take you through the various topics within these 4 core concepts.

Each concept will have certain milestones. There will be a link to practice questions on the topics within that milestone. After completing each milestone, you will have a test that will give you an idea of how well you have understood that concept.

You can find numerous resources for each of these concepts in the tabs allotted for each concept. See 'Themes' section for more details!

What is Campus 101?

  1. Register for Campus 101.
  2. Refer to the Themes section below. Each concept has certain milestones in it. We have provided content for you to study from and some practice tests for you to check your progress. At the end of each milestone is the final test. 
  3. Campus 101 will be live until December 06th, 2020. You don't have to form teams. This campaign is for you to learn and become a better coder and later, ace your interviews and hackathons!
  4. You have two months to learn any or all the 4 concepts! 



Data Structures

One of the most sought after skills in freshers today is the knowledge of Data Structures. A lot of placement tests comprise of programming questions based on DS.

We have planned a resourceful 2 months learning journey for you to hone your knowledge of data structures and become any recruiter's potential hire.

Click here to view all resources of MILESTONE 1

Click here to view all resources of MILESTONE 2

Click here to view all resources of MILESTONE 3


Algorithms is a topic that most recruiters assess the college candidates on. A lot of hiring challenges are based on programming questions.

Take the 2 months journey of learning with us and brush up your skills!

Click here to view all resources of MILESTONE 1

Click here to view all resources of MILESTONE 2

Click here to view all resources of MILESTONE 3

Full Stack

As you find growth in your knowledge base in DS and Algo, there is more to the programming world when it comes to hiring challenges.

It takes a developer expertise in front-end, back-end and GIT to become a full-stack developer.

Click here to view all the resources and tests

Machine Learning

For all the hackathon enthusiasts out there, Machine Learning and Data Science are some of the top utilised themes in hackathons

We have planned a learning journey for you where you will begin with the basics and at the end use data sets to solve ML problems

Click here to view all the resources and tests


Main Prizes
Certificates (10)

We plan on handing over the following certificates:

  • Top 10 performers in Data Structures
  • Top 10 performers in Algorithms
  • Top 10 performers in Full Stack
  • Top 10 performers in Machine Learning

Performance will be judged based on the 'Final Test' in each theme.

Eligibility: Grad Years 2021-2024

Amazon Vouchers (5)
INR 1000

Top 5 candidates who perform well in all the 'Final Tests', will receive a voucher worth INR 1000 along with a certificate form HackerEarth!

Eligibility: Grad Years 2021-2024

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